This summer, caravan and motorhome owners will be subjected to on-the-spot inspections and fines.


This summer, caravan and motorhome owners will be subjected to on-the-spot inspections and fines.

As lockdown restrictions relax this summer, caravan and motorhome owners will face on-the-spot safety assessments.

Failure to use caravans or motorhomes safely can result in substantial fines and possibly penalty points on a driver’s license. Experts have expressed alarm about a probable increase in staycation vacations as a result of international travel quarantine laws.

The DVSA predicts that many people would instead take their caravans and trailers to UK outdoor locations.

With few opportunities for a foreign vacation and little money in the bank, some drivers may be traveling with newly purchased equipment that they have yet to test.

According to data from DVSA roadside checks, caravans and trailers can have issues with a variety of important safety devices.

The DVSA discovered major safety violations in one out of every six caravans it stopped.

This number rises to 40% of all tiny trailers that may be used by families.

The DVSA discovered problems with the motorhome’s lights and breakaway cords, among other things.

Poor brakes have also been noted as a potential safety issue that could lead to an accident.

The equipment used with a trailer or caravan, according to GOV.UK, must fulfill particular safety criteria and be utilized correctly.

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They warn that drivers who use a vehicle in an unsafe condition might face fines of up to £2,500.

Drivers who break this driving rule may receive three penalty points or perhaps be temporarily barred from the road.

If you pull a caravan without suitable towing mirrors, you might face a fine of up to £1,000 and three penalty points.

Any tow bars must be “type approved” and meet EU requirements for each automobile, according to GOV.UK.

Tow bars do not need to be installed on vehicles constructed before August 1, 1998.

Mark Winn, the DVSA’s Chief Driving Examiner, urged drivers to use the new SAFE system.

“The DVSA’s goal is to assist you in keeping your caravan or trailer safe to use on British roads,” he said.

“It’s wonderful to see caravans and trailers back on the road, but tow truck drivers have a unique obligation to #towsafe4Freddie.

“Because many caravans and trailers have been parked over the winter, we’re urging drivers who are new to towing or haven’t towed in a.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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