This PS1 Era Bloodborne Demake Is the Real Deal


Bloodborne may yet get a full PlayStation 5 remaster – at least, that’s what we’ve predicted – but who fancies a PS1 demake? Talented indie developer Lilith Walther is working on exactly that, and she’s been sharing footage of the old-school revamp on her Twitter account:
This Bloodborne PSX dev thread starts with loading and a proper loading screen! Now that we’re hopping between levels I need to write a save and load system that passes data around for proper navigation 🧵— Lilymeister ✨🏳️‍⚧️ BLACK LIVES STILL MATTER (@b0tster) January 16, 2021
Unlike many of these PS1 inspired demakes, this one really does look like the real deal – it reminds us of Nightmare Creatures with its chunky visuals and ancient textures. Our only real complaint is that the framerate is far too smooth, because we all know Bloodborne tends to chug.

Oh, wait – you thought we were saying the framerate is far too smooth because it’s meant to be a PS1 demake? Well, yes, that’s true, too!


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