This incredible WhatsApp feature will forever transform how voice notes function.


WHATSAPP is making a huge change to voice notes that will massively improve them.

The much-loved feature is finally getting some tweaks to make them easier to use.

Voice notes are one of the most popular ways to chat.

WhatsApp users often rely on voice notes over texts – with 200million sent a day in 2018.

Now WhatsApp is working to make them much better.

The ever-reliable WhatsApp-leaking blog WABetaInfo says there’s a brand new interface for voice notes in the works.

You’ll be able to pause voice notes while recording them.

That means you won’t have to stop and record a new one if you need to interrupt a note.

You’ll see how long your message is, as well as an icon for sending it.

That’s an addition to the new ability to listen back to your note before it’s sent.

Sadly it’s unclear exactly when the new feature will arrive.

WhatsApp is still seemingly developing it, so it could be weeks or months away.

Voice messages are particularly popular in Asia, probably due to the difficulty of virtually penning Chinese characters.

On China’s WeChat messenger app, voice messages make up an enormous 16% of all messages sent.

WeChat users send around 38billion messages per day, so roughly 6billion of those messages are voice – not text.

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