This amazing iPhone trick may persuade you to DELETE Google Chrome right now.


This amazing iPhone trick may persuade you to DELETE Google Chrome right now.

YOUR Safari web browser has a little-known feature that allows you to personalize your internet experience.

Safari extensions were made accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Mac last month, and here’s everything you need to know about them.

Safari extensions are programs that allow you to customize the way your Safari browser functions.

They work similarly to Google Chrome extensions, which can be used to add valuable features to your web app on both mobile and desktop.

Password managers, foreign language web page translators, grammar checkers, productivity tools, and other Chrome extensions are popular.

With the release of iOS 15, the most recent version of the iPhone operating system, Apple introduced Safari extensions on September 20.

The following is taken from Apple’s website: “Safari extensions provide you more functionality so you can browse the web the way you want.

“Extensions can display useful information about a webpage, show news headlines, assist you in using your favorite services, alter the layout of webpages, and much more.

“Extensions are a terrific way to make your browsing experience more customized.”

Simply search for a Safari extension in the App Store on your iPhone.

You may also search the App Store for “Safari extensions” to see a list of available extensions.

A small puzzle piece icon will show on the left side of Safari’s address bar once you’ve downloaded your first extension.

When you tap it, a menu will appear, displaying your current extensions as well as a “manage extensions” section where you can turn them on and off.

You can also manage your extensions by going to Safari > Extensions in Settings > Safari.

You can press “additional extensions” in this menu to see more in the App Store.

Here are a few of the top Safari extensions to check out.

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