There’s a new term that can break ANY iPhone, and there’s no way to fix it this time.


There’s a new term that can break ANY iPhone, and there’s no way to fix it this time.

A NEW WORD has been discovered that can prevent your iPhone from joining to a Wi-Fi network. That’s not even the worst part, believe it or not.

Use caution when naming your Wi-Fi network. When a specific string of characters is used for a Wi-Fi network name, it fully disables your iPhone’s ability to connect to the internet, according to a researcher. The news comes just a few weeks after another similar Wi-Fi name was discovered to be capable of activating the strange problem. However, this latest fault is more irritating because the Wi-Fi deactivating bug is still unfixed.

Both Wi-Fi network names were discovered by the same researcher. Both of these will fully disable your iPhone’s internet connection. Your iPhone will reset itself as soon as you connect to the network. The Wi-Fi toggle in the Settings menu will be flipped to “off” when it’s turned back on, and you won’t be able to turn it back on.

Tapping the symbol works for a split second before reverting to the “off” state.

Not only will you be limited to mobile internet, but you’ll also lose access to a number of key iPhone functions, such as AirDrop and AirPlay, because your Wi-Fi will be blocked.

On Twitter, security researcher Carl Schou revealed that if an iPhone comes within range of a Wi-Fi network identified, it would lose its ability to connect to Wi-Fi, stream music via AirPlay, and more. Worse, the new problem is even more dangerous than Schou’s previous finding.

Seriously, I still don’t have a picture of WiFi.

While the first Wi-Fi name,, caused the iPhone to reboot and be unable to connect to the internet, the second Wi-Fi name,… The bug was usually fixed by resetting the network settings. Of course, this is a time-consuming procedure.

When you reset your network settings, you’ll have to input all of your Wi-Fi network passwords again.

However, changing your network settings will not fix the latest Wi-Fi network name – percent secretclub percent power. Ouch.

About the new bug, researcher Carl Schou tweeted, “Seriously, I still don’t have WiFi.”

Unless you live with the type of prankster who thinks this is a good idea… It doesn’t appear likely that you’ll come across this very frequently. We’re confident Apple will come up with a solution, but in the meanwhile. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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