Thefts of catalytic converters have decreased by 57% because to new technology being sent out to MOT garages.


Thefts of catalytic converters have decreased by 57% because to new technology being sent out to MOT garages.

Thefts of catalytic converters have decreased by 57 percent thanks to a new pilot project lauded by the police.

Thefts peaked in March 2021, when 3,245 were reported in the UK, but have slowly decreased since then, with only 1,378 reported in July. Theft of catalytic converters became a national concern early this year as the price of precious metals rose, and police across the UK banded together to tackle the trend.

SmartWater’s new technology has had a significant impact on the decrease in thefts.

SmartWater is undetectable to the naked eye but glows yellow under UV light, unlike the etching of serial numbers, which can be clearly seen by criminals and easily removed by scraping with a screwdriver.

Any attempt by the offender to scrape it off risks contaminating their clothes, tools, and location with incriminating evidence.

SmartWater researchers only need a particle of dirt to figure out whose vehicle the parts belong to.

Catalytic converters account for almost 30% of all auto thefts in the UK, as precious metals market prices continue to grow.

To deter these crimes, a simple, cost-effective 10-minute technique is now accessible, which any garage could provide clients.

A specific SmartWater high temperature product is applied with a brush while the car is on the ramp, and the unique formula reference number is entered on the database against the vehicle registration number.

Phil Cleary, SmartWater’s CEO and co-founder, discussed the broad distribution of the new technology to garages and when it would happen.

“It’s a 10-minute process to really register the mark, so to suggest to the automobile owner, ‘look, you’re getting this work done, why not’,” he stated exclusively to This page.

“The price will be decided by the specific MOT station, and then your catalytic converter will be protected.”

“August is a difficult month. People are on vacation and things like that, so we’ll be talking to the industry straight and getting their feedback, but we’ll formally release it in September.

“We already have a number of significant nations (garages) interested in partnering with us.

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Despite this, they perceive it as a public-spirited approach.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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