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With Ghost of Tsushima – a rushing samurai epic that shattered our hopes to bits, Developer Sucker Punch has really exceeded everything.

It’s an excellent open-world game, boosted by an outstanding battle system and a distinct sense of style that would make classic Japanese cinema proud.

Jin Sakai’s story is a troubled one, as our hero, originally powerless, must see his homeland burn right before his eyes. Jin spills the blood of the invaders against the breathtaking background of the vibrant Japanese countryside on the picturesque island of Tsushima, ravaged by the Mongolian Empire. It’s a beautiful game in which to get lost.

Tsushima’s Ghost has a depth and concentration that few open-world games achieve. It doesn’t feel bloated, and with one dull side effect after another, it’s not a fan of wasting your time. Instead, it all seems like it has a meaning – even if it’s just watching Jin’s bare bottom climb for a soothing soak in a hot spring.

We anticipated a high degree of quality from Sucker Punch, considering the past of the Notorious series, but Ghost is in a different league. It has a charm that makes it one of PS4’s most unforgettable open-world outings, and the dedication of the studio to free updates of content should be lauded. Consider us highly excited if this is the first move into a new PlayStation series.

Via the link, you can read our full review of the Ghost of Tsushima.

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