The ‘woke left’ is attempting to ‘obliterate history’ with new GB sticker number plate laws.


The ‘woke left’ is attempting to ‘obliterate history’ with new GB sticker number plate laws.

DRIVERS have slammed plans to phase out the iconic GB number plate stickers for British drivers traveling abroad, with some calling the move an attempt to “obliterate” the country’s past.

From the end of September, the emblem number plate stickers will be altered to ‘UK,’ effectively ending the original GB sticker. Northern Ireland, which is not part of the United Kingdom, is considered to benefit from the new design.

Unionists in Northern Ireland miss out since GB traditionally refers to England, Wales, and Scotland.

The decision, however, has sparked debate, with many criticizing the new suggestions.

According to one reader, the strategy is simply an attempt to “appease” the increasing awakened culture.

“Removing GB stickers is simply another measure to accommodate the burgeoning awakened culture that seeks to erase our country’s history,” they stated. (sic)

“Will these idiot wokes never cease coming up with daft ideas?” said another.

“They only do it to agitate the rational majority.”

Some people have even stated that the GB sticker is so iconic that they will continue to use one even when the UK design is implemented.

“We ought to continue with GB,” one reader said.

Some road users, on the other hand, appeared unconcerned about the upgrades, which would have “zero impact” on international travel.

Some even supported the modifications because they would assist “emphasize” the fact that Northern Ireland was a part of the United Kingdom.


“It’s simply spin, though,” stated one website visitor.

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“What people put on their cars when they travel abroad has no effect in either direction.”

“A ‘GB’ sticker is iconic, yes,” said another.

“However, it has flaws since it ignores Northern Ireland and its people. Our entire country is appropriately represented by a ‘UK’ sticker.”

The AA stated that “by removing the GB sticker, another aspect of British motoring is being lost.”


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