The REAL threat for youngsters on Twitch isn’t racy hot-tub streams — parents, take note.


TWITCH hot-tub streamers frequently find themselves on the receiving end of a backlash for their contentious content.

But if you’re a concerned parent when it comes to what your kids are consuming online, it’s not these personalities that you should be worried about.

There’s not a great deal of options in terms of parental controls on Twitch so young viewers can be exposed to plenty of content that you may deem inappropriate.

Hot-tub streamers like Amouranth sometimes walk the line when it comes to platform-friendly content.

And falling foul of the terms of service can lead to suspensions or bans – in Amouranth’s case, a temporary ban was handed out for breaking the rules on being “sexually suggestive”.

As popular as these women are on the platform, the recent Twitch hack exposed the earnings of streamers (along with a ton of other data), and shows there’s a different category of content you need to be wary of.

Some of the highest-earning personalities on Twitch were revealed to be gambling streamers.

More often than not, the money they’re frittering away isn’t their own, and there’s an ongoing debate about the odds being tipped in their favour behind the scenes.

Subsequently, these streams are coming under fire for glamorising gambling, influencing viewers, and potentially getting a portion of their audience addicted.

Twitch streamer xQc put an end to his gambling streams earlier this year, saying he was finding himself getting addicted.

“I genuinely feel like I’m slightly, if not moderately, addicted, and it’s really bad,” he said at the time.

“I hope that anybody who started [gambling]is going to quit, and I’m sorry for hardcore exposing it to people.”

xQc, like other gambling streamers, offered viewers promotional codes on gambling websites on stream.

He said that even with the warnings he gave against gambling during streams, it still wasn’t enough.

Loot boxes in video games are being debated and banned in countries the world over for the same reason.

They walk the line between an in-game reward and gambling, and regulators know it’s a dangerous vice to expose kids too.

If you’ve got young family members on Twitch, it’s important to do your due diligence, and a woman bobbing about in a hot tub should be the least of your worries.

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