The RAC and British Gas are partnering to provide electric vehicle charging stations at customers’ homes.


The RAC and British Gas are partnering to provide electric vehicle charging stations at customers’ homes.

The RAC and British Gas have teamed up to provide customers with the option of installing an electric car home charging station.

The agreement will make switching to electric vehicles easier and more economical for drivers. With an electricity package that offers cheaper off-peak overnight charging, a British Gas expert can install a smart 7kW home charge station.

The electricity will be cheaper if you charge overnight because you will be using excess renewable energy and the demand will be lower.

The cables are provided by Alfen, one of Europe’s most well-known manufacturers of electric car chargers.

Customers can choose between two variants, one with permanent cables and the other with removable wires.

The Alfen Eve S-Line Untethered, which can be installed for £659 and takes advantage of the Government’s £350 OZEV subsidy, is the cheapest alternative.

From £745, the Alfen Eve S-Line Tethered is available.

Both have a three-year warranty and are fitted by an EV installer who has been trained by British Gas.

The chargers can be operated using your smartphone’s Hive app, which allows users to schedule when the car charges.

Drivers can also compare the costs and times at which they charged their automobile by looking at their charging history.

The RAC Director of Electric Vehicles, Sarah Winward-Kotecha, applauded the relationship with British Gas.

“We’re really delighted to have linked up with British Gas to offer home charge points and a bespoke EV power price because they’re as synonymous with looking after people’s energy requirements as we are with repairing and rescuing cars,” she said.

Customers can now lease some of the most popular electric cars at market-leading prices and get a smart home charge point installed with a specialist energy tariff that offers cheaper off-peak EV charging through the RAC, thanks to partnerships with trusted names like British Gas and Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions.

“When you combine all of this with RAC EV breakdown protection, which is unrivaled in the roadside assistance industry, drivers have everything they need to make the conversion to a zero-emission car on a budget and with complete peace of mind.”

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Charging a car between 12 and 5 a.m. is projected to cost as little as 6p per kWh.

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