The production of PS4 consoles in Japan has decreased to only one model.


Sony has now stated, after reports over the past few days, that production of PlayStation 4 systems for the Japanese market has all but ceased.

The Japanese giant will only produce and distribute the PS4 Slim 500GB model in the region’s Jet Black color, ensuring that Japanese customers will soon no longer have access to the PS4 Pro and other basic models. Sony will now use the production lines released by the cuts to instead flood the market with PlayStation 5 systems, it is reported.

The hardware manufacturer has always spoken about having to move its PS4 base to the new machine quickly, and this is likely to be another step in doing that as the PS5 in the coming months becomes more widely available.

Although store shelves will be filled with the new technology, the Japanese market might not even give a passing glance to the now obsolete PS4. You can play just about all of their games on the PS5 anyway.


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