The Photo of Dorian Gray: Behind the STC hit, the “magic tricks” and technological feats – in images


As the curtain closes on each one-woman production of the Sydney Theatre Company show, the most common expression you’ll hear is, “How did they do that?” Kip Williams’ five-star adaptation features Erin Jean “EJ” Norvill in 26 roles – but for the actress it’s more than just a victory, it’s a technological coup.

Norvill is circled by as many as five cameras that feed her to screens that fly around the stage as she moves between characters in dialogue, overlaying her live acting with previews that are often edited together.

The consequence is that, while interacting with more on screen, Norvill plays several roles on stage. The designers describe here how it works and how the actress wears it.

– The picture of Dorian Gray is on display until Jan. 9 at the Roslyn Packer Theatre, with some seats still available. Pictures by Daniel Boud


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