The number plate rule may result in fines for caravan and motorhome owners.


The number plate rule may result in fines for caravan and motorhome owners.

When traveling this summer, drivers are reminded that their caravans and motorhomes must display the number plates of the road car towing them.

Hundreds of drivers who may share towing responsibilities on a family vacation could get caught by the simple regulation. The rule may also apply to those who change their license plates but fail to obtain an updated trailer design.

According to GOV.UK, drivers “must” display the same license plate as the towing vehicle.

They also warned that drivers who failed to display number plates properly might face fines of up to £1,000.

“Your trailer must have the same number plate as the vehicle you’re pulling it with,” they advised.

“If you’re pulling multiple trailers, the number plate must be attached to the back trailer.”

Caravan number plates are often inexpensive, starting at £10.99 in most circumstances.

Some companies charge a little extra but provide front and rear caravan protection.

Number 1 Plates experts agreed that there is “no difference” between automobile and caravan plates, making them simple to construct and install.

They acknowledged that drivers can change plates on a caravan when towing it with another vehicle, but that this must be done in a “road legal” manner.

“There is no difference between a regular back number plate and a caravan plate,” they claimed.

“As a result, you can choose the greatest fit for you and purchase it right now.

“If you’re towing with a different vehicle, you can alter the plates on your caravan.

“However, it will need to be replaced with a set of road-legal number plates.”

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Angel Plates experts cautioned drivers not to treat their responsibilities in relation to caravan number plates “lightly.”

It was also a legal duty, they stressed, to make sure the caravan number plate was in excellent working order.

It was critical, they stressed, that the number plate was legible and free of “marks or scratches.”

“Do not take this lightly, as towing a caravan while displaying different number plates on each vehicle is a serious offence,” they urged.

“This offense is punishable by a hefty fine.

“As well as having a license plate that looks just like yours.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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