The Next Crossover Costumes in Fall Guys Are Cuphead and His Pal Mugman


It’s no secret that Fall Guys loves collaborating with other games and brands for in-game outfits. Having featured so many guests as costumes for those clumsy jelly beans, it’s always a matter of which game will be up next. Well, as you can see, the latest crossover is with Studio MDHR’s hard-as-hell action title, Cuphead.

In collab with @StudioMDHR we’re pleased to announce that Cuphead is the featured costume on Wednesday!5x πŸ‘‘ Top5x πŸ‘‘ BottomThere’s also an emote for 5x πŸ‘‘!…and of course, Mugman will arrive on Saturday!5x πŸ‘‘ Top5x πŸ‘‘ BottomDon’t deal with the devil for the crowns πŸ‘€β€” Fall Guys ⚑️ Season 3.5 (@FallGuysGame) February 22, 2021
The costumes in the above image see Cuphead and Mugman turned into skins for your battle royale pleasure.

The former will arrive first, coming to the game on Wednesday 24th February, and will cost 10 crowns in total.

The latter will feature in the game’s store on Saturday 27th February, and will also require 10 crowns. If you want them both β€” as well as a special emote for another five crowns β€” you’ll need to buck up your ideas. If there’s no chance of that many wins, perhaps you could sell your soul to the Devil?

Will you be nabbing these Cupheaad outfits in Fall Guys? Don’t gamble in the comments section below.


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