The new EU speed limiters that will be introduced in the United Kingdom next year may not work on all roads.


NEW EU speed limiters which could be introduced next year on Britain’s roads may not work on every road, according to a report for the European Commission.

The European Commission report found Intelligent Speed Assistant (ISA) tools generally worked better on “fixed” road limits. They said “location-dependent” speed limits should also work fine with the new technology when it is introduced.

However, they warned “dynamic speed limits” may not feature in the tools when they first launch.

Instead, it may become “increasingly possible” to “include” these later down the line.

It means the tools may not be able to work on roads where temporary restrictions are introduced after an accident or breakdown.

The most hazardous example of this could be on smart motorways where National Highways can display new speed limits on gantries above the road in emergencies.

The report said: “The currently available ISA systems are based on fixed speed limits.

“They may also include location-dependent (advisory) speed limits.

“It will become increasingly possible to include dynamic speed limits that take account of the actual circumstances at a particular moment in time.”


However, tests have previously suggested the ISA tools were not accurate on every journey.

German drivers organisation ADAC has previously found the ISA tool on the Ford S-Max was only accurate 90 percent of the time.

In 2017, Mobileye told the European Parliament the tools would only have a 95 percent accuracy rate in most countries.

A road test using ISA tools by AutoCar found the system was “slow to respond” on a handful of occasions.

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They said the tool was “confused by limits operating on nearby roads” during some parts of their test drive.

They said the tool went into “meltdown” on one occasion when it set a limit of 60mph when travelling through a quiet village.

The Commission report also warned the new ISA could lead to “diminished attention” on the road.

They also warned drivers could “compensate by driving faster” when the ISA tool was not active.

The report said drivers could become more frustrated with the tools or may become “over-confident”.

Drivers could become reliant on the speed limits set by the system instead of observing real-time circumstances.

The tool is expected to. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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