The new cell phone driving rule is intended to ‘teach police’ in order to prevent motorists from being penalized.


The new cell phone driving rule is intended to ‘teach police’ in order to prevent motorists from being penalized.

DRIVING ACTIVITIES relating to cell phones are about to change, with harsher penalties for anybody found using them behind the wheel, however some argue that the change is unwarranted.

Drivers will be prohibited from using their phones to capture photos or videos, look through playlists, or play games under the new driving laws.

Using a hand-held device to text or make a phone call while driving is currently forbidden (unless in an emergency).

Anyone found using a hand-held device while driving will be fined £200 and receive six points on their license.

If a gadget is fastened in a cradle, drivers will be able to use it ‘hands-free’ while driving, such as a sat-nav.

They must, however, always accept responsibility for their driving and may face criminal charges if the authorities discover that they are not in proper control of their car.

Some industry experts, however, believe that the new adjustments will have no effect and that attention should be focused on other issues of road safety.

“In my opinion, the current regulation is fit for purpose,” Hojol Uddin, Partner in Motoring Law at JMW Solicitors, remarked.

“You must be engaged in interactive communication (transferring data, making a call, sending and receiving messages, and so on) while driving and physically holding the phone in your hand.

“The law, as it stands now, is crystal clear on the subject and has been for decades.

“It’s worth noting that the phrasing was chosen in such a way to future-proof the legislation, allowing it to’survive beyond technological change.'”

“They should start by teaching police officers about what constitutes a crime when it comes to cell phone use and allowing them to conduct investigations.”

“Some policemen I’ve interrogated believed that simply touching your phone while it was in a cradle was enough to indict you.”

“I’ve worked with so many examples where the motorist was not using the phone and the officer penalized them because they suspected the driver was chatting or communicating.”

“However, acquiring the whole information (including all data consumption) reveals that it was not used.”

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“If officers are unsure, they have other options.” “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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