The new Apple Watch may be getting its most significant overhaul in years.


The new Apple Watch may be getting its most significant overhaul in years.

It’s that time of year again, when Apple prepares to unveil its new iPhones, iOS updates, and Apple Watch gadgets. In the run-up to Apple’s next big presentation, the Cupertino tech giant is rumored to be working on the most significant overhaul of the Apple Watch in years with the next Series 7 wearable.

Apple enthusiasts will soon have a day to remember in their calendars. The next big Apple event is coming up soon, with new iPhones and Apple Watch devices scheduled to be announced – maybe in mid-September, based on prior events’ schedules. And, in the run-up to this high-profile event, rumors about what Tim Cook and his team have planned for the Apple Watch Series 7 have surfaced.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who has an amazing track record when it comes to Apple leaks, has detailed what Apple fans may expect from the Apple Watch Series 7 in an online post.

The largest revamp in years is set to be the highlight of this year’s wearables.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to follow in the footsteps of the iPhone 12, with a flatter appearance and rounded corners.

The Series 7 should include a slightly larger screen and a quicker chipset, according to Gurman.

Unlike the Series 6, which has a blood oxygen sensor, the Apple Watch Series 7 is unlikely to provide any significant health improvements.

However, a body-temperature sensor could be included in the Apple Watch 2022.

Apple Watch Series 7 is projected to be slightly larger than previous models.

According to reports, the Series 7 will be available in 41 and 45 millimetre diameters, up from 40 and 44 millimetres previously.

This would be the first time the Apple Watch has grown in size since the launch of the Series 4 in 2014.

Apple will reportedly include various new watch faces as well as an upgraded Infograph Modular face to take advantage of the somewhat larger real estate.

With the Series 7’s forthcoming flatter edges, the next wearable will probably be the most significant design change in Apple Watch history.

The renderings in this article, which were released by Jon Prosser in a video on his YouTube channel Front Page Tech, show how this new design would look.

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