The most significant update to the Samsung Galaxy Watch in years could be announced next week.


The most significant update to the Samsung Galaxy Watch in years could be announced next week.

SAMSUNG is gearing up for a big presentation next week, and the Galaxy Watch wearable appears to be the main attraction.

Fans of the Galaxy Watch are in for a major treat next week, as Samsung has confirmed plans to unveil the wearables’ future at an event. During the Mobile World Congress, the South Korean company is hosting an online expo. This yearly event is traditionally held in Barcelona, but in 2021, due to COVID constraints, it will be held online, with the largest businesses hosting virtual keynotes.

Samsung has indicated that it will be “unveiling its vision for the future of smartwatches” at MWC, despite the fact that exact specifics about what will be presented are still being kept under wraps. “As part of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), Samsung Electronics is presenting a virtual Samsung Galaxy session on June 28,” the company announced in a press release. Samsung will demonstrate how the Galaxy ecosystem of linked devices is going to provide customers with even more opportunities to enrich their lifestyles at the event.”

Since Samsung announced their new relationship with Google, this event could be our first glimpse at Samsung’s future smartwatches. During the Google IO conference in May, the two companies announced their collaboration, with Samsung’s new watches discarding the company’s custom-designed Tizen operating system in favor of Google’s WearOS.

Some may consider this a strange move, especially given Samsung’s recent efforts to improve Tizen. While Tizen is now more advanced than Wear OS, upgrading to Google’s operating system will allow Galaxy Watch wearables to work more seamlessly with Android phones from other manufacturers. As a result, Samsung will be able to offer its wearables to people who haven’t purchased one of its smartphones.

Another advantage of using the Google equivalent is that developers have produced a number of apps for it because it is utilized by a variety of wearable and smartwatch makers. Wear OS, unlike Tizen, which needs software developers to create a special version for Galaxy Watch users, is compatible with a large number of apps and offers a considerably larger selection of digital watch faces.

There are few third-party apps available, ranging from navigation to music streaming. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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