The legendary Bentley and classic Lamborghini are among Richard Hammond’s Top 5 vehicles of all time.


The legendary Bentley and classic Lamborghini are among Richard Hammond’s Top 5 vehicles of all time.

Richard Hammond of TOP GEAR has stated that a number of iconic historic cars are among his favorite vehicles of all time.

Mr Hammond chose the legendary Bentley Blower and the sleek Lamborghini Miura as two of his five standouts. Three Lamborghinis made the TV star’s final list, indicating that the Italian brand was a highlight for him.

His Opel Kadett, which he kept after filming the Top Gear Botswana Special, was also among his favorites.

Mr Hammond was speaking at the London Classic Car Show this weekend, where he will unveil details of his new restoration company, The Smallest Cog.

“Lamborghini Sesto Elemento,” he said. I was fortunate enough to be able to drive one of the 20 vehicles produced. It’s a mind-boggling vehicle.

“I was also fortunate enough to drive a Blower Bentley, which was incredible.

“I also had the opportunity to drive JK’s Lamborghini Miura, which was a unique experience.

“And, while we’re on the subject of Lamborghinis, the Countach. In actuality, it’s a waste of time. Every time you drive one, you think to yourself, “This is terrible.”

“Then you get another invitation, and you start salivating all over again, but only until you get back in the driver’s seat.

“And then there’s Oliver, the 1963 Opel Kadett from our Top Gear Botswana Special,” says the narrator.

Mr Hammond was given the opportunity to drive the Miura as part of a Top Gear TV package, and he was definitely impressed.

Meanwhile, the Bentley Blower is a cult figure among classic automobile enthusiasts and is one of the few remaining in existence.

“Oliver” is the most popular addition among Top Gear fans, and it has since appeared in a variety of Hammond’s work.

The only vehicle used in the Botswana special that returned to the UK when production ended was the Opel.

A homeowner in Botswana discovered Jeremy Clarkson’s Lancia Beta Coupe and James May’s Mercedes in fields earlier this year.

A movement has been launched to bring the automobiles back to the UK for restoration, however this has yet to materialize.

Despite a television career as a vehicle driver, Mr Hammond has yet to find a model that he likes.

“Weirdly, I’ve never driven a De Tomaso Pantera – and I’ve always wanted to,” he continued.

He stated that the company would provide anything from minor repairs to complete restorations.

Mr Hammond stated that the company is already receiving a large number of old British sportscars for inspection.

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