The latest Google update demonstrates why your Android phone still has a major issue.


The latest Google update demonstrates why your Android phone still has a major issue.

ANDROID is still the most widely used operating system on the planet, but it has one major flaw.

It’s no secret that convincing Android users to switch to the latest version of the popular operating system has always been a challenge. And, despite Google’s adjustments and assurances over the years, things don’t appear to be improving. According to Google’s latest figures, which were uncovered by Android Police, the company’s aging Android 10 software – which was released in September 2019 – is currently installed on more devices than Android 11.

Currently, 26% of consumers worldwide have Android 10 installed on their phones, compared to 24% who have Android 11. That means that, compared to the version of Android 11 released last year, more individuals are using devices with an operating system that was originally released in 2019. And things are even worse for Android 12, which was released just a few months ago with a slew of new features, a redesigned interface, and other enhancements.

Wait until you hear how many people are using Android 9 and Android 8.

According to the graph, Android Pie is installed on 18.2 percent of all Android smartphones, whereas 8 Oreo is still used by over 13 percent.

It’s a significant concern because older operating systems leave devices vulnerable to online hacking and other critical security issues.

Android has a track record of fragmentation. When new versions of the Google operating system are released, they always start with a small number of devices before slowly rolling out to third-party suppliers.

Take the most recent Android 12 release as an example. Last month, Google began rolling out the update to Pixel devices, but only a small number of other phones have received it since then.

Even Samsung is only introducing Android 12 on its latest Galaxy S21, with the updates coming in the following months to the rest of the company’s devices.

One of Android’s issues is that only a few phones, such as the Pixel, run a pure version of the Google-based operating system. This means that once Google delivers a new version, it must be customized and tested by manufacturers. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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