The introduction of a new car tax zone could spell the end for black cabs, leaving drivers with only £4 per trip.


The introduction of a new car tax zone could spell the end of black cabs, leaving drivers with only £4 per trip.

FURIOUS drivers fear that the introduction of Manchester’s clean air zone will cost them their jobs this year.

Despite opposition from black cab drivers in the city, the clean air zone will go into effect on May 30, 2022.

Similar schemes were introduced last year in Bath, Birmingham, and Portsmouth, and the car tax zone is being implemented to reduce emissions in the area.

While non-compliant private vehicles are exempt from the CAZ, taxis and private hire vehicles with a Euro 5 or older diesel or Euro 3 or older gasoline engine must pay a fee.

From May 30th, 2022, the daily charge will be £7.50, with a temporary exemption for most Greater Manchester-licensed vehicles until June 1st, 2023.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras are used to enforce the zone, and the first signs have already been seen on some of the region’s roads.

Many taxi drivers, on the other hand, are dissatisfied, fearing that the changes will drive the industry to extinction, and some have already quit their jobs.

Nazar Shaw, a black cab driver from Stockport, said he earns around £4 per trip on average.

“It’s over £200 a month if I have to pay £7.50 a day,” he said.

It’s almost £3,000 if you calculate it annually.

They enact legislation, but we have no other options.

“I’ve talked to other colleagues, and they all say they’re going to quit their jobs and look for something else to do.”

“I have a pension, but what will the young people do?” says the speaker.

“I believe black cabs are on their way out.

“New electric cabs cost around £70,000.

They can only go a certain number of miles on a single charge.

It’s causing concern.

“The government provides grants for electric vehicles, but you must pay interest.”

“I’m aware of four people who have left to work in factories.”

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“I’ve been looking for work for an hour.

I’ll get about £4 on average.

I’ll get £10 if I’m lucky.

“I work ten hours every day.”

“I’ll make nothing in a day if I make £50, pay for fuel, and then pay the clean air zone charge,” he told Manchester Evening News.

There is one in Greater Manchester.

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