The incredible iPhone 12 offer reduces the monthly cost to just £20.


The incredible iPhone 12 offer reduces the monthly cost to just £20.

A fantastic deal on the iPhone 12 from last year might save you hundreds of pounds.

Deals on Apple’s slightly older iPhone 12 are considerably simpler to come by now that the iPhone 13 is launched.

This package is only £20 per month, which is a great price for an iPhone.

Although the iPhone comes with a £339.99 setup fee, the overall cost of the device remains modest.

You’ll get 4GB of 5G-ready data, which is useful given that the iPhone 12 was the first device to handle the fast 5G internet.

It also comes with an unlimited number of minutes and texts.

The deal is with Vodafone and is accessible through, an online store.

Buy the iPhone 12 for £20 a month at Mobiles.

So, how much money will you save as a result of this deal?

The total cost of this contract is £820 over two years.

The iPhone 12 is presently available for £679 (down from £799 at launch and £779 for the iPhone 13).

The cheapest SIM-only offer from Vodafone is £15 per month for 5GB of 5G internet.

So, if you bought the iPhone 12 outright with a SIM card on the side, it would cost £1,039.

You can divide the cost with the Mobiles offer and still save a lot of money.

The overall savings amount to £219, which is not insignificant.

The iPhone 12 is Apple’s 2020 handset, which was only recently replaced by the iPhone 13, which is quite similar.

Purchasing an iPhone 12 is thus a wonderful method to save money.

It’s among the first generation of Apple handsets to enable 5G speeds.

It also has a sleek design, a fantastic camera system, and a huge, razor-sharp display.

All prices in this article were accurate at the time of publication, but they may have changed since then. Before making any purchase, always conduct your own research.

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