The host of GB News takes aim at smart motorways, calling them “frightening.”


The host of GB News takes aim at smart motorways, calling them “frightening.”

The hosts of GB NEWS have slammed smart motorways, stating that lorries drive “right into people” because to the perplexing route design.

Mercy Muroki, the host of GB News, claimed she had seen “video footage” of smart motorway crashes and was “frightened” by them. Former Sky News host Colin Brazier joined her on the couch, saying that smart motorways were frequently contested because they irritated drivers.

“I’ve been on a smart highway, and it frightens me when I know there’s nowhere to pull over to the side,” Ms Muroki added.

“I’ve seen video evidence, and I don’t want to terrify anyone, but these things have happened, which is why lorry deaths have been at an all-time high, with vehicles in the left lane crashing into people.”

“It happens,” Mr Brazier responded. It happens all the time. We keep coming back to [it]because it piques our interest.”

Former Sky executive Brazier then invited viewers to submit their thoughts on the subject for a future broadcast.

“Do you think smart motorways are safe enough, or should we put the project on hold?” he asked.

“It’s no longer an experiment, is it? It’s already in use. “It’s out there,” says the narrator.

The host’s remarks came after the construction of a new smart highway was put on hold due to the potential of a legal challenge.

After claiming that Highways England had not completed an environmental impact assessment, a retired vicar has halted plans to expand the M62 in the Pennines.

The extra traffic resulting by the building work on the M62 plan is expected to result in 1.3 million tons of higher emissions.

Mr Brazier acknowledged that the M62 was “very crowded,” but he questioned the revised plan.

Highways England aims to build additional 300 miles of smart motorways by 2025, despite the criticism surrounding the routes.

Within a few years, the number of smart highways in the UK will increase from 416 to 788 miles.

Highways England has already stated that they are dedicated to completing the work outlined in the government’s evidence stocktake, which was published last year.

They claim that this will “raise the bar” on smart highway road safety.

Since the introduction of all-lane operating smart highways, collision risks for road users have decreased, according to Highways England.

Many GB News viewers, on the other hand, agreed with the hosts’ concerns, with others responding on social media that the roads were dangerous.


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