The government has banned the iconic GB sticker, urging Britons to purchase a new UK numberplate instead.


The government has banned the iconic GB sticker, urging Britons to purchase a new UK numberplate instead.

FOR THE SECOND TIME IN NINE MONTHS, THE RULES ON UK NUMBERPLATES ARE CHANGING. When driving abroad, Britons will no longer be able to use a GB sticker and would have to use a UK one instead.

The government revised the laws on British numberplates a year after the UK exited the EU, introducing a new design. In a few months, the design will change again.

The government has informed the UN Secretary-General that the sign required on British vehicles when traveling abroad will be changed.

Except if they have a numberplate that also includes these initials beneath the Union Jack, Britons must affix a ‘GB’ sticker on their car before traveling to another country.

Boris Johnson’s cabinet, on the other hand, is converting GB to UK.

Before leaving the country, all Britons must display these initials somewhere on their car before the end of the year.

The announcement comes just months after the government announced a new British numberplate to the public earlier this year.

On the one-year anniversary of Brexit, January 31, 2021, transport secretary Grant Shapps announced the new design, which included the letters “GB” beneath a Union Jack flag.

“Brits will be able to drive on the Continent without GB stickers thanks to new reg plate with Union Flag and GB,” Mr Shapps tweeted at the time.

Previously, numberplates in the United Kingdom contained the letters GB, but they were surrounded by a circle of EU stars.

People from Wales and Scotland could travel overseas with numberplates bearing the Welsh or Scottish flags, but only if they also put a GB sticker on their car.

When the rules change, they will still be able to use their country’s identity, but the GB sticker will no longer be valid.

All Britons will need to either purchase a new numberplate with the letters UK or ensure that they have a sticker with the same letters.

As a result, everyone who ordered Mr Schapps’ new design earlier this year will need to purchase a UK sticker to go with it in order to make it legal.

According to the Times, the adjustment is “inclusive of Northern Ireland” and will “promote the entire United Kingdom internationally.”

When the kingdom of four nations is ensnared in the “sausage war,” it will send a message of togetherness.

The current relationship between the UK and the EU is referred to as the “sausage war.”

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