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The Fastest Affordable Bike on the Market; Cyrusher Everest XF900

2020 has been a year the world did not imagine it would see. It has shown us surprising things, and amongst those surprises have been the sudden explosion in the production of e-bikes.

Leading the race of e-bike explosion this year is Cyrusher. They have been making e-bikes since 2014, but their newest bike XF900 has taken up the market like a storm.

It is a bike that can work on the city roads, in the jungles, and on the rough mountain terrains.

The factor which makes this bike so popular is its affordable price tag. They have attracted bikers and motorcyclists alike! That is definitely something previous e-bikes have been unable to do.

Let me tell you how the Cyrusher has done that. Their model XF900 has a design that mimics a motorcycle that is durable yet lightweight.

The most alluring part of the design is that even though it is lightweight, the bike has a suspension power that can take up to 750 lbs. In contrast to XF900, when even half this rear suspension is put on e-bikes, they lose pedal power. So this 340 kg rear suspension is a huge plus point!

That is not the only suspension you get on this bike. The other one is on the front side, which will help bikers use the motorcycle for trekking purposes.

The lithium-ion battery of the e-bike is situated on the down tube. The battery may seem small, but it is 48 v gives an output of 17Ah.  This means that on one full charge (which takes 5 hours), you will able to ride the bike for 50 km. You can easily make 5-6 round trips around the city in a day.

The XF900 may seem small, but it is an energy powerhouse; it pumps out 750 W can go up to 1500 W and will give the rider a mileage of 15-31 miles per hour (mph). 

To help the rider control the bike’s speed, there are a Tektro 180mm hydraulic breaks in the front and the rear. They can quickly stop the cycle when it is cruising at a speed of 30mph. 

The Shimano M2000-21 gear shift lever will help keep an eye on the speed.

Along with that, there is an LCD screen attached to the top handle, which will help you keep an eye on the battery, distance, speed, and ride time. 

They’re available in 2 colors, namely white and blue.

The front bike lights will be loved by the cyclist who likes to roam on the streets in darkness of the night.

If you want a perfectly balanced e-bike, then you indeed won’t find one better than the Cyrusher Everest XF900.

Here is a small view of how it cruises on the road 

This e-bike is perfect for anyone and everyone. It is a luxury that will take you places and keep you healthy.

You can buy this powehouse e-bike on and at $2800 you surely won’t get an e-bike that offers these features.

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