The demand for MOT tests has risen in recent weeks as drivers are forced to visit garages due to their inability to leave their homes.


The demand for MOT tests has risen in recent weeks as drivers are forced to visit garages due to their inability to leave their homes.

MOT TEST demand has risen sharply in recent weeks as drivers scramble to book excursions ahead of the upcoming staycation season.

As demand has grown, Jonathan Barbera, founder of Parkers MOT, said he has completed more tests in recent weeks than in the “previous three or four months.” Mr Barbera explained that drivers wanted to get their cars “sorted out” before leaving to ensure that they were safe.

Many road users, he said, are afraid of future lockdowns and have made reservations now just in case.

“We have had more work than we have done in the last three or four months,” he told This website.

“It’s been progressively getting higher and higher.

“We noticed an increase in bookings when Freedom Day was announced.

“I’m guessing the entire staycation is [part of it].” People are staying in the United Kingdom and driving around in their automobiles.

“It’s understandable that people want to get their car fixed.

“I also believe that people are virtually expecting us to go into lockdown again.

“As a result, some people are undergoing tests a little sooner than usual to [ensure they are safe].”

“In that regard, I’m quite pleased. The company is profitable, and we are all in terrific shape. But I fear everything every day.”

Staycation vacations and a return to the office, according to a recent report by market research firm JudgeService, are expected to result in an increase in aftersales services in garages.

According to a study of 2,150 motorists, relaxing lockdown has already resulted in a significant increase in vehicle usage, which could help garages and auto shops.

They do warn, however, that the rise in car usage could cause issues with MOT tests in the run-up to the projected winter surge.

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Extra vehicles may be damaged or fail tests as a result of increased car usage, putting more strain on garage workers.

“We’re witnessing considerable changes in car utilization with the loosening of lockdown restrictions,” said Neil Addley, managing director of JudgeService.

“People are spending less time working from home and returning to their commute, and we are witnessing an increase in leisure consumption as many people put their international vacations on hold.”

“With almost a third of owners stating that they do not intend to travel.” Brinkwire Summary News, he continued.


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