The AA cautions that E10 fuel modifications will cause petrol car owners to “suffer” and “spend more money.”


The AA cautions that E10 fuel modifications will cause petrol car owners to “suffer” and “spend more money.”

Drivers of older petrol vehicles may face an extra £6.50 charge when topping up their tanks as a result of the new E10 fuel adjustments.

Owners of earlier vehicles, according to AA technical specialist Greg Carter, will “suffer” since they will need to “spend a little bit more money” on fuel. This is due to the fact that cars that are incompatible with E10 will have to rely on the existing E5 fuel, which will be upgraded to reach the super unleaded protection grade.

Mr Carter, on the other hand, claimed that drivers could obtain “slightly more miles per gallon,” potentially increasing mileage by 20 or 30 miles above E10 users.

“The people who it will affect are those who look on the Government checker and realize their car is incompatible,” he told This website.

“For as long as they have that car, the vast majority will have to spend a little extra money on petrol.

“Super unleaded gets somewhat higher miles per gallon anyway, so it’s not simply a simple calculation.”

“At present prices, a full fill up from completely empty costs around £6.60 for a 55-litre tank.

“That isn’t the only calculation you’ll have to perform.

“You might get 20 or 30 miles more driving out of that tank full of fuel than if you used regular E10 or the old E5.

“You could probably half that in real-world costs,” he said, adding, “Those people who do drive incompatible contemporary vehicles, shall we call them “Not classic cars but cars that have been built since sort of 2000 who are not designed to run on that fuel… they’re the ones who will suffer a little bit unfortunately.”

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Due to the increased cost of the gasoline, regular unleaded prices will rise by about £1 per tank when E10 replaces it.

However, the government has cautioned that people who use E10 will need to purchase more litres of fuel.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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