The 15 Best 2020 Video Games


15Spelunky 2Dive into caves, go a little farther than last time and die in a nice way: this is the circuit of Spelunky, and it’s addictive. Derek Yu’s underground world with its rideable turkeys, splattering lava, and ever-present hazards is entropic yet thrilling to conquer.

It may not do something that 10 years ago the first Spelunky did not do – but the original is a great game, and it is so nice to have it back. What we said: “Every new thing is useful, dangerous, versatile. Exploring those possibilities is the new game. The parts that didn’t need fixing remain untouched. “14Between usYour friends are with you on a space ship, but one is a saboteur. Who is he? Accusations have repercussions – even though they turn out to be innocent – as criminals are thrown into the airlock. Among Us, the ultimate party game of our paranoid times, thrives on a mystical combination of an interesting scenario and good old-fashioned human deviousness. What we said: “In the age of widespread home-based work, Among Us simulates the one part of office life that most of us secretly miss: Gossip and arguing. “Next-gen gear: what you need to get the most out of your XContinuous PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series.

It is about how imminent, but also natural, death is. Ghibli-inspired and stunning to look at, it has a mystical realistic feeling as you equip your barge of lost souls with vegetable gardens and strange bedrooms.12 If Found… A strange coming-of-age tale set in Ireland in the 1990s, as the author slowly unravels, you delete the pages of a diary.

However, the film ends on an upbeat note, and its themes of self-discovery and beautifully drawn young friendships evoke a strong nostalgia that transcends the very particular location and time. What we said: “The sense of place, strength of writing, evocative art and elegant interactions make If Found…. A Moving Drama. “11Spider-Man: Miles MoralesIt may not stretch for ten hours, but this Spider-Man.

A caper that transforms New York into an adventure playground and updates things by bringing us away from Peter Parker and instead exploring the world of young Miles. What we’re saying is: “The message is that self-reliance is contagious and that individual actions can reignite entire communities: perhaps not what we’d expect from a combat-focused superhero adventure. “10Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Guys: What we said: “It’s nice to see a game like this – so aware of its own silliness, and so aware that it’s exactly what we need right now. “9Doom EternalSometimes, you just have to shoot things, and if you have to shoot things, Doom Eternal is the best video game in a very long time. It turns out that light competition, camaraderie, and physical humor were just what we needed to cheer us up this year. From the first minute, while heavy metal guitars scream in the background, you are slaughtering demons with shotguns and plasma weapons.

“There’s a real pleasure in being the Doom Slayer: pushing everything else aside and focusing only on the problem in front of you. Especially when that problem is a swarm of angry demons. “There’s a real pleasure in being the Doom Slayer: pushing everything else aside and focusing on the issue in front of you. Especially when a swarm of angry demons is that problem.

In 40-year-old Ichiban Kasuga, a failed yakuza seeking to get back on his feet, Like a Dragon is a fresh start for a long-running series and has a realistic and down-to-earth star. You can sing karaoke, beat up thugs, or hit the arcades in this virtual Yokohama, but what you can note are Ichiban’s good deeds. What we say: “D”


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