Tesco has been crowned the best supermarket for electric car charging points.


Sainsbury’s is trailing at the bottom of the list, with fewer than one in ten of its stores currently providing electric car charging points

Tesco has topped the list of supermarkets providing charging points for electric car owners, according to independent analysis of EV facilities across the UK.

The supermarket, in partnership with Volkswagen and Pod Point, has installed charging points across 400 of its stores across the UK.

Overall, almost half (45 percent) of its total stores, not including smaller express sites, have charging.

Morrisons is the second-best supermarket for EV owners, with just over 40 percent of 497 stores offering customers the ability to charge, while nearly one in five (19.71 percent) Asda locations provide at least one place to plug in.

But electric car drivers who shop at Sainsbury’s face a lottery when it comes to charging their vehicles, with fewer than one in ten (7.2 percent) of its stores currently providing charge points for customers.

While Sainsbury’s came out bottom of the pile, Aldi was only marginally better with ten percent.

Lidl customers have a slightly better chance of finding a store with at least one charge point, with its hit rate reaching 15 percent.

The results were revealed in a study by the electric cars website Electrifying.com.

Ginny Buckley, founder of Electrifying.com, said: “Congratulations to Tesco and Morrisons, which have both invested heavily to provide customers with good charging facilities. We’d love every supermarket site to offer this, but we aren’t there yet.

“We expected more supermarkets to be doing better, but it’s still great to see how some of them have recognised that offering shoppers reliable car charging is not only good for business but will also help give the nation confidence to make the switch.

“With electric cars surging in popularity and ambitious government targets to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, providing charging infrastructure at convenient locations is crucial to encourage drivers to go electric sooner, particularly the significant number that don’t have access to off-street parking.”

A recent poll by Electrifying.com, the Department for Transport and the AA, revealed almost three-quarters (72 percent) of drivers would be more likely to consider buying an electric car if there was more opportunity to charge at supermarket.

As well as having the highest percentage of stores with at least one charge point, Tesco is also rated best for the average number of charge points per store, with 1.87. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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