Tesco and Sainsbury’s are planning to charge drivers up to £100 for using their Pay at Pump machines.


Tesco and Sainsbury’s are planning to charge drivers up to £100 for using their Pay at Pump machines.

When topping up petrol or diesel at Tesco and Sainsbury’s, drivers will be charged a deposit fee of up to £100.

This will be deducted from a driver’s account as soon as a card is inserted into a Pay at Pump machine, and the petrol station will calculate the right fee after the car has been refueled. The money will be reimbursed to drivers’ accounts, minus the amount owed for the fuel payment.

Tesco formerly charged a £1 approval fee, but the new £99 deposit will take its place.

Tesco has confirmed that the money will be ringfenced and released back into drivers’ accounts immediately after topping up.

The new restrictions are being tested at the supermarket chain’s Stevenage Broadwater store before being pushed out across the UK later this year.

After Mastercard, Visa, and American Express revised their policies, the new revisions took effect.

“Under new Mastercard, Visa, and American Express guidelines, we must now request authorization from your card issuer for up to £99,” Tesco added.

“Once you’ve done filling up, your card issuer receives the total transaction amount, and any remaining money up to the maximum filling amount are returned to your available balance.

“We’ll never charge you more than the cost of the fuel you really bought.”

Tesco stated that the adjustments were made to assist customers in keeping track of their spending.

Sainsbury’s has also revealed that prior to fuel being authorized and dispensed, drivers would have £100 “ringfenced” before the ultimate transaction is computed.

The move comes almost two years after Asda dropped a similar fee in response to customer complaints.

Drivers with an account balance of less than £99 may have difficulty filling up their vehicles.

In this case, your credit card provider should state the smallest amount they will release.

The pump will then compute the amount of fuel you are permitted to take as a percentage of your total deposit money.

As a result, some motorists may only be permitted to fill up their automobiles with a few litres instead of the regular amount.

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Some credit card firms might, according to “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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