Technology for police roadside inspections is being upgraded by the DVLA and the Home Office.


Technology for police roadside inspections is being upgraded by the DVLA and the Home Office.

The DVLA and the Home Office have created technology that allows police officers to verify a driver’s identity at the roadside.

In the event of a traffic violation, the technology will give authorities rapid access to a driver’s photo. It is presently being used by 18 police departments across the UK, with plans to expand to a further ten units in the coming weeks.

It was originally piloted in August 2019 and has since saved police officers over 14,000 hours on the road.

“The potential to assist faster and more thorough roadside inspections for traffic offences through greater use of technology is something we were glad to help deliver,” says Julie Lennard, DVLA Chief Executive.

“As a digital organization, we are constantly looking for new methods to bring technical advancements into the public sphere, resulting in advances that directly benefit citizens.”

When a motorist is stopped on the road, the police officer will look up the driver’s license number on the Police National Computer (PNC).

The right image of the motorist will be displayed with this number, allowing the police officer to confirm that it is a match.

The relationship was discussed by Steve Thompson, Director of the National Law Enforcement Data Programme (NLEDP).

“The Home Office, policing, and the DVLA are exhibiting new capabilities that demonstrates how we can give access to integrated information by collaborating across vendors, departments, and police forces,” he said.

“The service is providing enforcement and the public with clear operational benefits, and the Law Enforcement Data Service (LEDS) will provide an upgraded array of products and capabilities to assist modern policing in the future.”

Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and a handful of English regions presently utilize it.

Baroness Vere, the Minister for Roads, lauded the two departments’ technological achievements as well.

“This initiative will not only free up vital police time, but it will also ensure that innocent drivers can get back on their way faster,” she said.

Because of the technology, roadside checks are now up to 66 percent faster as of June 2021, allowing motorists to get back on the road faster.

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More than 86,000 driver’s licenses have been issued so far. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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