Talking Point: What Free March 2021 PS Plus Games Do You Want?


What’s the March 2021 PlayStation Plus lineup? When will the free March 2021 PS Plus games be announced? It only feels like yesterday we were looking forward to a barnstorming PS Plus lineup, featuring Concrete Genie, Destruction AllStars, and Control: Ultimate Edition. But we’re nearing March and the show must go on. In this article, we’re going to recap all of the latest PS Plus rumours for March 2021.

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When Will March 2021’s Free PS Plus Games Be Announced?
The traditional announcement schedule for new PlayStation Plus content means we should learn about March 2021’s free games on 24th February, 2021.

When Will March 2021’s Free PlayStation Plus Games Be Available to Download?
March 2021’s free PS Plus games will be available to download from the first Tuesday in the month, which just so happens to be 2nd March, 2021 this time around.

What Are March 2021’s Free PS Plus Games?
We know Destruction AllStars will remain available until 5th April, so that will continue to be a part of the PlayStation Plus lineup moving into March. It’s unlikely there’ll be another PlayStation 5 game after Control: Ultimate Edition in February, so we’re expecting two PlayStation 4 games — playable on Sony’s next-gen console through backwards compatibility, of course.

The platform holder’s been absolutely smashing it with this service all year long, so we expect the games to be pretty good ones. Gran Turismo Sport would be a good shout, wouldn’t it?
What Free March 2021 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?
It’s the part of the article where we ask you which free PS Plus games you want. Is there anything you’ve been holding out hope for? Is there a game in your wishlist that you’ve been itching to play? As always, let us know in the comments section.

What free PS Plus games do you want in March 2021? Do you think Sony’s subscription service has got off to a strong start this year? Pick some potential options in the comments section below.


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