Take use of these new macOS Monterey features before the rest of the world.


Take use of these new macOS Monterey features before the rest of the world.

APPLE’S newest macOS Monterey operating system was released last month, and it has a slew of new capabilities for your MacBook, like a better Safari browser, improved FaceTime chats, and the ability to navigate between several displays with ease. Although it won’t be available until the autumn, you can obtain this upgrade now.

Apple’s new macOS Monterey operating system was unveiled at the company’s WWDC Developers Conference earlier this month, and it comes with a slew of new improvements designed at enhancing the performance of your iMac and MacBook. The most significant change is for Mac users who use FaceTime, which has been completely overhauled by Apple in order to make talking to friends and family feel significantly more immersive. There’s also something called Universal Control, which is a new and fully revamped Safari web browser. This technology enables Mac and iPad users to move easily between devices using a single mouse and keyboard without having to fiddle with sophisticated settings.


Although the macOS Monterey beta will not be available until the autumn, Apple has now revealed that it is now available. Anyone who has joined up for Apple’s beta program will be able to download this OS and try out all of the new features.

“Assist us in making the upcoming iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS releases the best yet. You may help shape Apple software by testing pre-release versions and letting us know what you think as a member of the Apple Beta Software Program.” On its website, Apple verified the news.

This is a beta version of the software, and it is far from complete.

Indeed, the very fact that Apple is making it available early implies you’ll be responsible for reporting any flaws, incompatibilities, or anomalies discovered in the early software.

This offers the US company plenty of time to iron out any bugs before millions of users try to download on the day of the launch.

Apple urges consumers not to install the macOS beta on their primary Mac because it isn’t the final version. Instead, install the program on a spare MacBook or iMac to avoid any laptop-crashing horrors when you really need to use your PC.

If you have an extra MacBook lying around under your bed, you may check out some of the top five features below.

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