T-Mobile 911 Outage: Carrier Settles FCC Investigation for (dollar)20 Million.


T-Mobile 911 Outage: Carrier Settles FCC Investigation for (dollar)20 Million.

Following a settlement with the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over its inquiry, T-911 Mobile’s outage in June 2020 cost the carrier millions of dollars.

T-Mobile 911 Outage: Carrier Agrees to Pay $20 Million (USD)

According to Yahoo News, T-Mobile agreed to pay a very substantial settlement of (dollar)19.5 million following its 12-hour service interruption last year, which caused its subscribers to be unable to reach the emergency hotline, 911.

Furthermore, the FCC disclosed that T-Mobile has agreed to make several system modifications in order to avoid another 911 outage in the future.

According to a CNET news piece, the carrier is implementing a “compliance strategy” that includes improvements in notifying subscribers of any outages in the emergency hotline.

The FCC is investigating the T-Mobile 911 outage.

The FCC launched an investigation in December 2020, just months after a 12-hour 911 outage on June 15, 2020.

According to the FCC, the T-Mobile 911 outage resulted in “total failure of over 23,000” emergency calls.

Furthermore, another 23,000 calls had no information on the caller’s location. Furthermore, almost 20,000 calls were made without any callback information, which the authorities require urgently.

Despite this, the commission conceded that it was unable to track the full extent of the 911 outage or the exact number of users affected. However, it is evident that everything returned to normal after 12 hours.

What’s Causing the T-Mobile 911 Outage?

The FCC inquiry, which has been going on for almost a year, has also discovered that the outage was caused by a problem with a fiber link on T-network. Mobile’s

Two issues with third-party software, as well as a routing fault in one of the locations, are to blame for the fiber link’s failure.

T-Mobile later expressed apologies for the event, saying it had “built resiliency within our emergency system to ensure that our 911 elements are available.”

The company went on to say that they are now taking further precautions to avoid another 911 outage.

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T-Mobile and the FCC Reach an Agreement

In the same post, CNET pointed out that this isn’t the first time T-Mobile has paid millions of dollars to settle with the FCC. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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