Students from Cambridge University strip down for a calendar, leaving little to the imagination.


Students from Cambridge University strip down for a calendar, leaving little to the imagination.

For their annual Uni 2021 calendar, a group of Cambridge University student athletes have donned their athletic gear to take some racy photos around the world’s most famous sites.

Cambridge University athletes have donned their gear to pose for their 2021 calendar.

The risqué photos are part of an annual tradition at the prestigious university, in which 78 students from 12 teams stripped down to their underwear and posed completely naked in the city’s world-famous landmarks.

Students from the netball, gymnastics, and American football teams were among those who used sports equipment to cover up all of their private parts, sometimes dangerously close to the edge.

Outside Cambridge’s Earth Science Museum, a tennis player is photographed with a set of four balls covering his crotch.

Five flexible athletes are shown doing handstands and splits in another image, with a single daisy covering one female student’s breast.

According to Mail Online, photographer Andrew Wilkinson said that arranging each photograph required fine margins.

“There was a lot of finessing the poses, like ‘that needs to go up slightly’ or ‘you’ve only moved half an inch.'”

To maintain some semblance of modesty, we used their sports equipment.”

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This summer, the students gathered to take the racy photos at a variety of locations, including Grantchester Meadows and the university’s archaeology museum.

They also did a “dry run” in clothes to practice their poses before stripping down for the 15-minute nud photo shoots.

They also double-checked that they had the necessary authorization.

Andrew insisted that they were careful not to offend anyone with their nudity, despite being caught a few times by red-faced dog walkers.

“The window of opportunity to take the photos was relatively small,” he explained.

“Being outside made us nervous because we didn’t want to offend anyone.”

“There were a few joggers and dog walkers who didn’t know where to look.”

This month will see the release of the annual Cambridge Blues Naked Calendar.

Any proceeds will go to four charities: Jimmy’s Cambridge, Teenage Cancer Trust, Student Minds, and Rainforest Trust, according to Cambridge University’s Raising and Giving society.


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