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The second season of their podcast, with another in the works, was recently completed by Claudia Winkleman and the psychologist Dr. Tanya Byron. Byron focuses on facets of the relationship between parent and child and provides professional advice, while Winkleman sums up everything with a light touch. This is no light-hearted wash-up with topical problems including a childhood eating disorder and a guy who thought he was autistic.

Rather, it’s an informative look at life’s nuances that will certainly please Esther Perel’s fans. Hannah J DaviesThis City with Clara AmfoClara Amfo in her podcast exudes love and compassion as she talks about her experiences in London with guests. Whether it’s MNEK talking about growing up in Catford and internalizing the sense of glamour of his mother, or Mark Ronson remembering his mansion neighborhood’s not-so-easy streets, it’s always worth listening to. As the two DJs giggle about his childhood years, Nick Grimshaw is a special delight because he owned a silver knee-length puffer jacket and had great aspirations of one day moving to London and working on Radio 1. Hannah VerdierNew York Times admits severe editorial mistakes over Caliphate podcastContinue readingProducer selection: A Caliphate ResearchPicked by Max SandersonIt created a stir when Caliphate was published by the New York Times in 2018. Here was a shining example of how to elevate the strong narrative ability of audio storytelling to impactful journalism. That makes the new episode all the more frustrating – two years later. The initial series focused on the journey of reporter Rukmini Callimachi through a self-proclaimed former Isis fighter into the heart of the Islamic State.

And while the series managed to win several hearts with convincing narration and immersive sound design – my own included – the NYT was recently forced to accept significant editorial oversights regarding the supposed ex-jihadist, the key source of the series. In the latest episode, when we hear Michael Barbaro (anchor of The Daily of the NYT) talking with peers, including executive editor Dean Baquet, to go through some of the outcomes of an internal analysis that found the 2018 series did not follow “standards for Times journalism.”

I recommend listening to anyone who listened to the original series…. Although the episode covers a lot of ground, several questions remain; is an extra episode and editorial note appropriate, or should the entire series be removed? And, as NPR has pointed out, when engaged to Caliphate executive producer Lisa Tobin, was Michael Barbaro the correct choice to host the mea culpa? The first episode of their Spotify podcast was released by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and it is a festive special featuring Elton John, tennis star Naomi Osaka, Tyler Perry, fitness icon Deepak Chopra, and Christina Adane, a teen activist. With a nod to the struggles of 2020 and a salute to those who helped us all get through it, the pair kicked off the show. “We also want to thank health care workers, frontline workers and so many others for their sacrifices,” Harry said.

And Meghan at the end of the year brought a bit of positivity as she promised us that “love wins.” in the end.

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