‘Stand up to the climate zealots,’ say some lawmakers, who want the 2030 ban on gasoline and diesel cars repealed.


‘Stand up to the climate zealots,’ say some lawmakers, who want the 2030 ban on gasoline and diesel cars repealed.

A GROUP OF MPS has spoken out against the 2030 ban on the sale of new fossil-fuel vehicles.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Fair Fuel for UK motorists and hauliers has endorsed a groundbreaking new study from the group of 13 MPs and Lord Lilley. The paper makes seven feasible suggestions for reducing emissions without outlawing new diesel and gasoline automobiles.

“The Government should immediately remove the threat of a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles,” the major proposal reads.

According to the APPG, the government should instead encourage industry and entrepreneurs to develop technology that will have no negative influence on the economy, drivers, or businesses.

Almost two-thirds of drivers, excluding electric vehicle owners, want the government to release detailed cost-benefit evaluations on the impact of the 2030 ban after Covid recovery.

This will show whether the program reduces car emissions and is more cost-effective than the cost of implementing the 2030 ban.

The APPG’s chair, Craig Mackinlay, praised the group’s response to the government’s intentions.

“On this issue, the only thing insulating the Government from electoral disaster is the seeming Westminster agreement and lack of confidence to stand up to the climate extremists and say: enough!” he stated.

“The public will revolt against this madness sooner or later. It’s better to have the reasonable discussion now rather than later when we’ve already committed to a costly and failed experiment.

“It is critical that we enlist the support of the majority of the electorate in the changes that are required of them.

“I’m not relying on a slew of untested millstones. Consultation and consensus, as well as a realistic discussion of the costs and options, are required.

“Compromises on both sides of the green agenda will be required. Above all, use common sense and workable solutions.”

MPs are also urging the government to organize two new working committees to assist with the decision to restrict the sale of gasoline and diesel.

The first would be a “Road user consultative group,” which would comprise drivers of various types of vehicles to advise, scrutinize, and support various departments involved in rural and urban transportation policies.

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