Spotify may prevent you from downloading your music.


Spotify may prevent you from downloading your music.

SPOTIFY is taking immediate action against users who keep downloading songs after their monthly subscription has expired.

Love Spotify, but wish your favorite music would stick around once your monthly subscription ends? Do you miss the days when you had your own music collection? Or do you simply despise the idea of throwing £9.99 down the drain every month?

You might believe that using a recording tool to store your favorite tunes to your computer is a quick and convenient solution. According to the BBC’s newest statistics, the practice of “stream ripping” has increased by 1,390 percent in the last three years.

But be careful: if you do, your account will be jeopardized! This month, a handful of Spotify users were prohibited for utilizing a third-party program to pirate songs and save them to their devices, regardless of whether they had a subscription or not.

Spotify has no means of knowing whether you’re recording while music is playing, just like it has no way of knowing if you’re taping tunes off the radio. Audials Music users, on the other hand, were tripped up when they used a little-known function of the streaming platform.

Users were able to take advantage of Spotify’s hidden extreme fast-forwarding feature, which allows them to listen to tracks thirty times faster than normal. Audials used this approach to record songs as MP3 files at a significantly faster rate than usual playback.

Spotify, unfortunately for its consumers, was able to detect this. “Spotify normally saves for every user on their servers which bits of music they have heard and when,” Audials explained. So, aside from recording at normal speed, the usage of this ‘high-speed feature’ is always readily visible to Spotify in this data: if, for example, a user has listened to music in half an hour with a 10-hour playing duration, he has clearly utilized ‘high speed.’”

Spotify first seemed unconcerned, but has already begun to enforce the rules. Users of Audials have reported being barred from using Spotify. It’s even affecting folks who haven’t utilized the high-speed hack in months.

“Spotify has found that your account was involved in an improper use of the Spotify service that violates the conditions of usage,” the company wrote in an email to the blocked subscribers.


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