Spotify Introduces ‘Discover,’ a TikTok-style feature featuring a vertical video feed that features songs.


Spotify Introduces ‘Discover,’ a TikTok-style feature featuring a vertical video feed that features songs.

Spotify has unveiled a new feature called “Discover,” which is similar to the TikTok platform and focuses on a vertical video feed. Spotify Discover will show snippets of songs, focusing on the video that depicts the song or a portion of the album cover, as well as a music video and cover art.

TikTok Vertical Video Features on the App: Spotify Discover

A tweet by Chris Messina, a well-known online tech celebrity, was the first to get wind of Spotify’s new “Discover” feature, which is an addition to the app’s bottom-level tabs. The tabs below introduce the new feature, which when activated displays a vertical video feed with music, artists, and a brief film promoting the app.

Messina’s feature casts a different light on Spotify because it concentrates on showcasing new music, artists, or albums, which would be enhanced if accompanied by a short video. Users can then select to listen to the full version of the song, add it to their favorites, or use a three-button menu to access other features offered by the service.

Discover from Spotify looks a lot like TikTok, a popular Chinese app that focuses on short videos and music in a vertical video feed.

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Furthermore, @Spotify Discover is essentially a TikTok-style feed of vertical music videos (presumably utilizing their canvas format) that you may like or skip. (hashtag)NewSpotify pic.twitter.comhpOEZ8v9bl (hashtag)NewSpotify (hashtag)NewSpotify (hashtag)NewSpotify (hashtag) November 24, 2021 — Chris Messina gm (,) (@chrismessina) Spotify: Is Discover similar to TikTok? Spotify’s Discover includes several features that are similar to TikTok’s video-sharing app and platform, but it is not quite the same. TikTok is a social media website where users can be creators, commentators, likers, followers, or influencers.

Many of the features of the Discover app remain a mystery to many people, including who develops the short films, commenting options, and the ability to save a certain short movie for later viewing.

Spotify’s Latest Features

Despite its concentration on being a music and audio-related streaming platform, Spotify has seen numerous major improvements this year that improve the company’s interface. The streaming platform is also known for being a social networking tool, as evidenced by the fact that it allows users to see. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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