Spider-Man Base Tokens explained – how to clear all Enemy Base types in Spider-Man

Base Tokens, earned from clearing Enemy Bases, are one of several key Resources in Spider-Man on PS4.

Clearing Bases is one of the more long-winded, but also one of the most rewarding, ways you can farm for special Resources in Spider-Man, and they’re integral to plenty of purchases you can make to get Spidey looking and feeling cool as you go, too.

With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to explaining what Base Tokens are, and some tips for how to earn Base Tokens quickly and clear Enemy Bases.

Base Tokens have a few uses that are all pretty similar. In short, they’re one of six Resources used for upgrading your stuff, and ear earned by clearing out the various types of Enemy Bases on the map.

Different types of Enemy Base will appear as you progress through the story – and they’ll stick around even after the main story’s finished, too – but ultiamtely they function in the same way.

Head to a Base, marked on your map with a red icon relating to what type of base they are – a Demon mask for Demon bases, for instance, a Crown for Fisk (Kingpin) ones, and so on – and you’ll start up a phone conversation with Yuri.

Take out your first enemy grunt in the Base to kick off the challenge itself, and then you’ll have to defeat four waves of increasingly plentiful and challenging foes, before the Base is marked as complete and you earn your Tokens.

What are Base Tokens used for?

You can spend them to unlock certain Spider-Man Suits, as well as specific Suit Mods, Gadgets, and Gadget Upgrades. You can find those Suits in the Suit tab of the menu of course, but our dedicated guide linked just above shows you how to unlock each Suit and what special Suit Powers come with them, too.

Suit Mods are on the same tab, whilst Gadgets have their own tab as well as their respective Gadget Upgrades, with Mods becoming available as you progress through the levels, and Gadgets as you get through the story.

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You can only earn Base Tokens from clearing Enemy Bases, but the key point to bear in mind when you’re trying to earn them quickly is that you can earn bonus Base Tokens for completing the specific bonus objectives for that base.

Press R3 when you start attacking a Base to see the bonus objectives – they’re usually things like “complete X stealth takedowns”, asking you to remove enemies in certain ways or achieve a certain number of hits in a single combo streak, and so on.

It’s wise to check them as soon as possible after starting the base, because some are almost impossible to complete if you mess things up – stealth takedowns, for instance, aren’t possible once you’ve been detected, so you’ll want to get all of those out of the way at the start of your siege.

The good news is that Bases are infinitely replayable, even after the end of the story, which can be done by simply returning to a completed Base later on. That means you can grind ones you particularly enjoy – say the rooftop ones that let you punt enemies off skyscrapers, which we might enjoy a little too much – and still earn plenty of Tokens along the way. It also means you have plenty of attempts at those bonus objectives for extra Base Tokens, too.

Otherwise, the main thing to bear in mind is that these are all combat-based, and as such you’ll find them noticably easier later in the game, even with the harder enemy types, thanks to the additional skills and suit powers you’ll have unlocked. We recommend doing the few that come up naturally as you progress the story and any you fancy in passing, but save the real grinding until the endgame after the story’s done, when you’ve mastered Gadgets and more complex moves.


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