Speeding drops to calmer lockdown roads in 2020, which is “really alarming.”


Speeding drops to calmer lockdown roads in 2020, which is “really alarming.”

DURING LOCKDOWN, ‘drivers took advantage of quieter roadways,’ which increased speeding in 2020.

According to new government data, 53% of automobiles on 30mph routes broke the speed limit. This compares to 53% on highways and 12% on single-carriageway roads with a national speed restriction.

Traffic volumes plummeted to a fourth of normal levels when the first coronavirus shutdown was announced in March 2020.

Despite the fact that traffic patterns changed during the year, speeding levels remained pretty stable, according to the data.

Motorcycles broke the speed limit the most on 30mph highways, reaching an all-time high of 80 percent in March and April.

Simon Williams, a RAC road safety official, described the speeding offences as “really frightening.”

“At such high speeds, there is basically no time to react if something unexpected happens in front of you, such as a car changing lanes at the last second or a vehicle suddenly braking,” he stated.

“Clearly, some drivers have taken advantage of quieter roads to drive extremely fast, endangering the lives of others at the most inopportune time.

“At the same time, it’s encouraging that so many police departments have taken solid action even during the lockdown, sending a strong message to other potential criminals.

“While the majority of the greatest speeds were recorded on highways, others were recorded on routes with far lower speed limits, which is even more concerning.

“The results for speeding on 30mph roads are particularly concerning, as the lockdown has resulted in considerably more people walking and cycling.

“With the opening of some schools and nurseries in England this week, there will be even more pedestrians on the roads, therefore we ask all drivers to follow the speed limit and keep all road users safe.

“In short, speed kills, and we can only hope that law enforcement agencies around the country are able to put the resources in place to crack down on reckless drivers and help keep the roads safe for everyone.”

The fastest speeding offences were also revealed, with a motorist traveling at an astonishing 151mph in West Yorkshire.

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