Speed limits imposed by the EU may not reduce collisions in the UK because people will “drive dangerously.”


Speed limits imposed by the EU may not reduce collisions in the UK because people will “drive dangerously.”

According to motoring lawyer Nick Freeman, new EU driving legislation that could be implemented in the UK soon may not prevent accidents.

Mr. Freeman stated that when the new EU speed limitation instruments are implemented in July 2022, he does not believe they will “reduce collisions.” He warns that most drivers will be “distracted” and may “drive more dangerously” as a result.

“What’s fascinating is that they’re justifying it on the basis that it will minimize collisions and accidents,” he said.

“That figure does not sit well with me.

“I believe that most motorists will become drowsy, lazy, and unable to concentrate.

“As a result, they will drive more recklessly.

“There would just be slower speed collisions because people will be crammed together and won’t be able to get away.”

Despite the UK’s exit from the EU last year, the rule is expected to be implemented here.

The tool detects local speed restrictions using sign recognition technology and GPS data.

Once a driver hits the maximum limits, engine power will be restricted, albeit the tool can be overridden by the driver.

Speed limiters that restrict engine power, according to the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), have the potential to improve safety.

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) limitations, according to the ETSC, could cut crashes by 30% and road mortality by 20%.

Some manufacturers are also marketing the technology as a first step toward eliminating speeding fines for drivers.

Because the tool can be disabled, the ETSC previously said that the driver is still responsible for adhering to the speed limit.

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The ETSC stated that the ISA technology is merely a “driver assistance technology,” and that road users must still follow the rules.

Mr. Freeman went on to say that the new laws were excessively restricting of people’s autonomy and freedoms.

“Most petrolheads will say you’re just absolutely taking the pleasure out of driving,” he told this website.

“Driving is no longer a pleasurable experience.

“Many individuals enjoy driving; they get in their car and travel throughout Europe, circumnavigating the Scottish highlands, going to Wales; they enjoy the freedom.

“In cowboy days, many individuals saw their vehicle as their steed. It’s the “Brinkwire Summary News” that they’re transporting.


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