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Sorry iPhone Users, Blackpink Will Not Take Pictures With You; Here’s Why

If you have an iPhone, don’t use it to take pictures with Blackpink. Why? Because Lisa, Jisoo, Rose, and Jennie wouldn’t give you a chance.

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The popular K-Pop group is a loyal Samsung ambassador. If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, there is a high chance that they’ll use it and take selfies with you.

Blackpink’s brand endorsement is quite powerful. The members were the first to try the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and they showed some sneak peeks on their Instagram accounts.

Blackpink even boasts a special edition Galaxy A80. The group’s loyalty to Samsung is unlike any other. Because of this, all of the four members made the top 15 list in South Korean’s September K-pop idol brand reputation survey.

According to South China Morning Post’s latest report, their selling power is evident from their brand campaigns. The Samsung ambassadors’ unique collaborations and promotions can excite many tech-savvy fans, just like how they excite their regular fans with their hit comeback song “Love to Hate Me.”

Forbes reported that Blackpink now the k-pop group that has the most charted songs in the United Kingdom in just one year. The group sent five different cuts with their name attached to the U.K. singles chart.

Right now, there are no band or solo artist from the country that has managed to push five songs to the tally in just a single year. Blackpink’s latest singles are “Bet You Wanna,” which features Cardi B, and “Lovesick Girls.”

These songs pushed the k-pop group ahead of every other musical act from South Korea. The two cuts ended at spot 62 and 40, respectively. Blackpink first returned to the United Kingdom in 2020 as a featured act on Lady Gaga’s “Sour Candy.” The song was a promotional single for the solo artist’s new album called “Chormatica.”

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Written by: Giuliano de Leon

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