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Sony’s PlayStation Turns 25 Today: Here are the Best PS1 Games of All Time

The original PlayStation by Sony turns 25 years old today! Remember those games that got you started to the path of becoming an actual gamer? Here are a few of the best games of all time!

This game is almost entirely the reason for JRPG games to be put on the map. The sci-fi storyline along with the incredible character design is what brought this game to life. Square Enix did an amazing job with this game making it one of the first JRPG games that made an international impression and opened the world to JRPG.

Who could forget the video game that made skateboarding cooler than it already was? There is never a dull moment in the game and it is actually considered as one of the best sports games that were ever made! This game also got one of the highest ratings in the history of video games played by kids, teens, and even adults!

The adventurous gameplay of Tomb Raider and the iconic Lara Croft is something remembered over generations with its brilliant gameplay along with intricate level designs brought this game to life. The awe-inspiring environment within the game is another thing that really pushes the game to the next level.

This is one of Naughty Dog’s all-time masterpieces as the game became almost the first game you would think of when you think of the PlayStation. The second season of the three games gave players the best levels, adventurous challenges, and also a great sense of achievement with every little progress within the game.

Who could forget Spyro? The unexpectedly addicting game kept getting players to come back and explore the world as something they wouldn’t really think of enjoying, a Dragon! The characters within the game keep on getting better and better as the more players would indulge, the more they would realize that Spyro indeed has a richly realized world.

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One of the scariest games on the PlayStation of all times, Silent Hill became more than just the zombie survival horror game but turned into a gritty masterpiece requiring good decision making and a stomach for thrill around every corner.

Finally, Crash Team Racing was one of the best games to play with friends whenever they would come over to play PlayStation. The dynamics of this racing game made it even more aggressive in comparison to the basic racing game. The game slowly transformed into a battle game on wheels!

The PlayStation will always be remembered as part of the childhood of early gamers with not just fun games to play but rather a whole experience to indulge themselves with.

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Written by Urian Buenconsejo

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