SONY: Playstation 5 invites to firmware beta test


For the first time, owners of the PS5 can try out the system software in advance. Details are not yet known – but many gamers are waiting for a certain innovation.

There will be at least one big update for the Playstation 5’s firmware in 2021, Sony writes in its official blog. Now owners of the console can sign up for a beta test of the upcoming system software. On the PS5, it is the first such action.

Players from several countries, including the US, Japan and Germany, can participate; Austria and Switzerland are not included. The minimum age is 18, and a Playstation Network account is required in addition to a PS5.

Sony is not yet saying which new features and content can be tried out in advance. However, one important change to the system software should be included: The option to install mass storage via an additional M.2 SSD. This has been announced for a while, but has yet to be finally enabled.

Sony has released several smaller patches with bug fixes and stability improvements since the release of the Playstation 5. The only major update so far was released in April 2021.

PS5 still with supply bottlenecks

Among other things, it has since been possible to transfer PS5 games to an external USB drive. They cannot be used from there, but the programs can be copied from the external drive back to the SSD relatively quickly – that is almost always faster than a new download.

Between the market launch in November 2020 and the end of March 2021, Sony says it has sold around 7.8 million Playstation 5s worldwide. Around 3.3 million PS5s were added in the first quarter of 2021 alone.

That means Sony is currently able to manufacture and sell just over 1 million Playstation 5s a month. That sounds like a lot, however, demand still significantly exceeds supply.

The consoles are only available in stores with a lot of luck, and auction platforms sometimes charge several hundred Euros more than the regular price of 500 Euros for the standard version.


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