Sony is rumored to be working with TSMC to build a new chip factory in Japan.


Sony is rumored to be working with TSMC to build a new chip factory in Japan.

Sony intends to work with TSMC on a multibillion-dollar project.

That project, according to reports, is a new chip facility in Japan that will be built in collaboration with the global semiconductor giant.

Furthermore, according to Eurogamer, the Japanese government is reportedly willing to finance a portion of the investment of 800 billion yen ($7.1 billion).

The Sony-TSMC chip facility is projected to be operational by 2024 if all goes as planned.

According to Reuters, the story first came from Nikkei, which stated that the new Sony plant will be built in Kumamoto, in southern Japan. Sony and TSMC, on the other hand, have declined to comment.

According to the original Nikkei report, one of the key reasons is TSMC’s apparent anxiety about Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. The country produces the vast majority of the world’s most advanced semiconductors.

The political crises surrounding Taiwan and China are thought to be causing concern at TSMC.

The chipmaking industry in Taiwan is claimed to be suffering from severe shortages as a result of the country’s ongoing drought. According to Focus Taiwan, TSMC did at least control the water scarcity in recent headlines.

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Is This a Sign That Sony Is Increasing PS5 Production?

Unfortunately, no.

This is hardly the news many gamers were hoping to hear, especially if they thought it meant new PlayStation 5 stock.

The new Sony-TSMC semiconductor complex in Japan will make semiconductors for automobiles, camera sensors, and other products. The Nikkei report made no mention of “entertainment” products, such as Sony’s current-gen system.

So, what’s next?

Because the combined Sony-TSMC plant will not devote a large portion of its resources to produce extra consoles, the shortfall will linger a little longer. Sony isn’t the only one who’s been harmed.

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer told The Wrap a month ago that shortages for the Xbox Series X and S consoles would last until next year. Furthermore, the supply of actual semiconductor chips is expected to be “very restricted” until 2023.

Microsoft’s current-gen Xbox consoles, like the PS5, are powered by AMD hardware.

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