Sony gives personalized PS5 commemorative jackets to employees


It’s beginning to snow on the field, but with special PlayStation 5 coats, Sony is keeping its employees warm. Exactly who these limited edition jackets are being sent to is unknown, but we’ve already seen some tweets about it, including this one from Jan’ Gabby’ Llanillo, senior QA of Naughty Dog. Looks like these are incentives for anyone in the PlayStation family operating in the United States.

@PlayStation with the latest Gabby drip (@gabs820) 29 December 2020

What’s so hot about this stuff, then? Well, they also have a 25th Anniversary logo on the sleeve, PlayStation zippers, and “PS5 Launch Team” commemorative embroidery in addition to their insulating style. Nice, cool, unique bits, huh? And they’re both realistic – what more could you ask for?


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