Sony allegedly refunds purchases of Maneater on PS5 after announcement of PS Plus


If you missed the news yesterday, the PlayStation Plus lineup for January 2021 was revealed by Sony. PS5 owners should look forward to Maneater, a nautical open-world action title about becoming a big damn shark, in addition to the PS4 games Greedfall and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

In itself, that’s good news, but those who recently purchased a wild fish simulator might feel a little disadvantaged.

As it stands, because it’s a PS Plus game, Sony is refunding all who purchased Maneater on the PS5. BraeWhyit, a Reddit user, posted a post on their console saying that they can get their money back as credit for the PS Store and keep the game in their PS5 library. BraeWhyit states that they live in the US and that the money has not yet been refunded, but it normally takes a few days for refunds to be processed.

Another person who had the same experience sent us the post, so it all sounds legitimate to us.

Now the only question is where there’s a thread. Every single copy of Maneater bought for PS5 will probably not be refunded by Sony – maybe they will contact those who bought it during the last month, for instance. It’s a good gesture in any case; those who recently paid for a game only to have it placed on the subscription service days later are a common complaint about PS Plus.

Have you got this message from Sony about a Maneater refund? Have you bought the game recently and not got a refund offer? In the comments section below, tell us.


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