Some Freeview TV subscribers are experiencing an annoyance, but there is a free option to resolve the issue.


Some Freeview TV subscribers are experiencing an annoyance, but there is a free option to resolve the issue.

Because mobile networks are upgrading their masts, consumers of FREEVIEW TV – and other free-to-view TV providers – in some parts of the UK may soon see stuttering in their signal and sound. Edinburgh is next on the agenda, but there’s an easy method to keep things in order.

Freeview is gaining in popularity, and it’s easy to understand why. This service provides access to a wide range of programming without having to pay exorbitant monthly subscription fees to companies like Sky or Virgin. Despite the allure of free television, there is an issue with Freeview and other free-to-view TV services, with some viewers experiencing unpleasant malfunctions that wreak havoc on picture and sound quality.

The way Freeview is received by the aerials that are attached to millions of households across the UK is the source of these issues.

Some mobile services employ frequencies that are similar to those used for free-to-air television. As a result, when new mobile masts are activated nearby, there’s a potential that aerials, TVs, or set-top boxes will struggle to obtain a good signal.

Mobile networks are continually improving their technology, and some residences suffer as a result.

According to recent sources, Edinburgh is the next city to get a major mobile upgrade, and consumers have been told that their TV signal may experience intermittent sound troubles and a blocky picture while the work is being done.

It may sound exasperating, but if your television is experiencing these aggravating issues, there is a simple solution.

Restore TV, which is owned by some of the UK’s largest mobile networks, is giving a free filter that can be self-installed and should improve the image and sound quality on TVs.

According to Restore TV, anyone in charge of their own aerial will receive the filter.

The organization also provides additional counsel online or over the phone, as well as detailed instructions.

In the vast majority of cases, installing the filter will eliminate any TV interference. If it doesn’t, and you’re eligible, Restore TV may be able to arrange for a free engineer visit to your home.

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