SolidlightTM, the Highest Resolution Holographic Display Platform Ever Designed, is unveiled by Light Field Lab.


SolidlightTM, the Highest Resolution Holographic Display Platform Ever Designed, is unveiled by Light Field Lab.

SolidLightTM, the highest resolution holographic display platform ever built, was announced today by Light Field Lab. SolidLight Objects that precisely move, refract, and reflect in actual space are projected using Light Field Lab’s technologies, which combine extraordinary size, resolution, and density. SolidLight Surfaces are directly emissive modular surfaces that create dense converging wavefronts with billions of photonic pixels of resolution. SolidLight allows viewers to encounter digital objects in the physical environment that are indistinguishable from reality since it is untethered from hardware. For the first time, a 2D video demonstrating the holographic content generated by a SolidLight Surface display is available to the public under the SolidLight part of “See It Now.” SolidLight is a turnkey system that combines Light Field Lab’s proprietary WaveTracerTM hardware and software with several self-emissive bezel-less SolidLight Surface Panels to create modular holographic video walls that give realistic holographic experiences with real-time interactivity. These SolidLight Surfaces may be scaled to fit a variety of next-generation entertainment, advertising, and commercial applications, with the goal of mass-production in the future to serve consumer markets.

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“SolidLight is unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” stated Light Field Lab CEO Jon Karafin. “It isn’t until you reach out to touch a SolidLight Object that you realize it isn’t there. SolidLight changes the way people see reality, forever changing visual communications, audience engagement, and consumer experiences.” Light Field Lab’s technology portfolio capabilities significantly beyond existing display solutions to power real holographic experiences today, as 2D flat panel manufacturers face a ceiling for increasing display size, resolution, and density. The resulting holographic object volume has 2.5 billion pixels from each 28-inch SolidLight Surface Panel. The modular SolidLight Surface can be scaled to any size display, including combinations with hundreds of billions of pixels, to support a variety of experiences.

As part of today’s announcement, Light Field Lab is currently accepting pre-orders for first-generation SolidLight systems, which will begin shipping next year. Pre-production systems sold out almost immediately following the first 2019 launch, and are now slated for commercial holographic experiences in the next one to three years. Pricing varies depending on the size and range of application criteria, but it is comparable to the most recent premium fine pitch video walls. More information about the SolidLight platform is accessible online, including complete system specifications.

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